Eric Addington

It's Been Awhile

Eric Addington
Tuning: Standard


Written November 6, 2002. It started in Dubuque, IA and finished in Moorhead, MN.


It's been awhile; I think it's safe to say Let's avoid all those stupid games we used to play Let's just sit and talk; go someplace dark and have a drink I can tell you what I'm doing you can tell me what you think We've both changed; it's plain to see We're both older now than we used to be But I can still make you laugh; even though it's been awhile The sound of you laughing has always made me smile And I'm smiling now Cause you're here with me This bar is not as dark As we used to be Now we're all caught up; on all the day to day Stir the ice in our glasses with nothing left to say Part of me; wants to apologize But my "I'm sorry's" can't swim in a sea of lies And anyways; I'm sorry's just an empty phrase That we used to justify back in the good old days But what's between us now; there are no words And it magnifies the point that our silence serves And we're smiling now Cause we both know That the light we had Never had a chance to grow You get up to leave; so I stand up too I reach out to shake your hand; it seems like the thing to do But you pull me close; and you hug me tight And tell me you're glad to hear everything is going all right And you're smiling now As you turn to leave We were never as dark As we used to believe 2003 Eric Addington Music ASCAP