Eric Addington


This is the band I've played with for the past 20 years (20 years!).  Mostly, it's a duo with my partner Bill Lempe, but sometimes it's a trio, or a 4 piece, or a 5 piece depending on who's available. 

Eric Addington on iTunes
Want to buy my cd on iTunes? Here's where you go.
Josh Harty
Josh is a good friend and fellow songwriter. He played the slide guitar parts on my record.
Brooks West
Another great songwriter and friend from Fargo.
Justin Roth
An amazing friend, mentor, and musician! Justin played some guitar and percussion on my record, and he's been a trusted advisor to me in my music career for many years.
Storyhill is one of the biggest reasons I picked up an acoustic guitar and began writing songs.
Matt Addington Photography
This is my brother's photography website. For all your photo needs....
Keith Axtman
I play with Keith in the Writers in the Round. Check out his site!
Lance Benson
Lance is a great friend and songwriter from Bemidji, MN. We've done a bunch of shows together, and it's always a blast hanging out with Lance.