Out of Touch

Hi Sorry to have been so out of touch with the website and the news section in particular. It's interesting how life can move in cycles. I've been feeling disconnected from music for a while. Even after all these years, it is still a little scary and disconcerting when it ebbs and flows. I've heard several artists I admire talk about filling the cup. I think it's an apt metaphor. Sometimes it's good to take time and live a life worth writing and singing about. And, when the cup is full, it's good to go out and play and sing about things that are honest and true. Hopefully someone else can feel that truth. I'm still startled when I feel the cup is empty. I get to the point where I almost decide to hang it up, and then something small keeps me from selling all my equipment and letting go. I guess I haven't learned to really trust the cycle to come round again. Here's to trusting in something bigger. Best, E

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