Brainerd Show Last Night

Greetings! Last night's Writers in the Round show was great fun. Thanks to all of you who came was so nice to have such an appreciative audience. Big thanks to Michael and his crew for the great sound and lights. And, as always, big thanks to Donny, Darrin, Keith and Steve for sharing their stage with me. I had a lot of fun playing. It was nice to be on the road a little bit again too. I hadn't had a road trip gig for some time. My friend Jason Lee came along for the ride. It's always nice to have someone along on the road gigs. Then, if no one shows up, I at least know one person will be there. After the show last night the whole gang headed out for a drink and it was nice to hang out and catch up. I always feel really lucky to have such great friends in the other towns I play in. I didn't make it home till almost 3 this morning so this day is turning out a little hazy. But, I look forward to doing it again soon.

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