It's ten minutes to 8. No one is here. Looks like another night playing for the worker at the coffee shop. I'm tempted to not play at all...pack it up and hit the road. I'll probably end up doing a short set and ending early. These dates lately have been hard. Superior was looking bleak till a couple of friends popped in for a bit. I did a short set for them and the very nice girl working before heading back to st. paul. Hibbing was nostalgic. It was a 4 hour bar gig. Background music. I have no problem with those gigs as long as I don't have to do them very often. It was great seeing some old family friends from when I used to live up there. I saw a few folks I hadn't seen in twenty years! I'm hoping Grand Forks on Monday will be a better show. When I was there a few weeks ago, it was great. I'm hoping for a repeat...take my mind off these past few nights.

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