Fall is coming...

I can feel it in the air. I'm excited. Fall is my favorite time of year, but it never lasts long enough for me. Maybe that is why it's so appealing. I have to take a moment to recommend some music I've really been enjoying lately. David Brusie is a friend who has a new record out. It's called Flyover State and it's fantastic. I think you can pick up your copy at www.davidbrusie.com. The other new music I've been really enjoying is Eric Taylor's new cd Hollywood Pocketknife. The title song is really amazing. The rest of the record is as well. I opened a show for Eric a few weeks ago in Fargo. We played at the Spirit Room. There were maybe 15 or 20 people and it was a lovely evening. It was my first performance in a really long time, and I was real nervous. It felt good to be on stage again. It was new and exciting like when I first ventured out so long ago. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to share the evening with. Big thanks to Bill Lempe for letting me use his great sounding guitar and big thanks to Scott Curfman for organizing the show and inviting me to open the show. And, of course, big thanks to Eric Taylor for the opportunity to get back behind the microphone again after a long hiatus. You can find Eric's new record at www.bluerubymusic.com. It's worth a listen. I hope you are well and enjoying the impending fall season. eric

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