Fall is here

I love this time of year. I’ve been fortunate to be traveling some in the past couple of weeks, and the colors have been wonderful. From northern Minnesota down through South Dakota and Iowa the leaves have been really amazing. The weather is still warm during the day, yet it gets a little cool in the evenings and there is a change in the air that is hard to describe. I always wish the fall would last a little longer. I’ll be driving to Superior, Wisconsin and Hibbing, Minnesota for shows the next two nights, and I hope the snow we are supposed to see holds off for just a bit. I played at Café 318 in Excelsior, MN last Saturday evening, and it was a great time. The 318 is an excellent room. The staff were really great and accommodating, the crowd was very attentive and appreciative, and Andy Ulseth (the gentleman I opened for) was really great and gracious. All in all, evenings like that one have been rare for me as of late and I’m really thankful for them when they come along. I hope to have more opportunities to play at the 318 in the near future. I’m happy to open for anyone in that room, and hopefully down the road I’ll have enough of a draw to headline. Tonight I’ll be at The Red Mug in Superior, WI. I’ve never played there before, and I’m looking forward to the show. They were very accommodating for me being in town on a Tuesday night. A few of the tracks from Dragonfly have been getting some airtime at KUMD in Duluth, so I’m hoping there may be some folks who come out to the show tonight despite it being Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you out on the road sometime soon! Best, Eric

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