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I have a couple of shows coming up, and I'm excited to get out and play again.  It has been ages since I performed last.  I'm always excited to play gigs with Flatlands, and we have a few shows coming up in the next few weeks and months.  Billy and I are playing at the Minneapolis and Moorhead Cornfeeds here in August.  These are usually fun shows and we get to see some old friends too.  Bill and I haven't really played together since last year's cornfeeds, so we probably have a bit of dust to shake off before we play.  Though, we've been playing together for so long, it doesn't take too long to fall into the old ways. 

There is also another potential flatlands show coming up this fall in Fargo.  This would likely be a more traditional flatlands show...possibly at a venue where they serve beer.  Stay tuned to my otherwise static website calender for more details about this show.  It is shaping up for early October. 

I'm just starting to get interested in doing shows again, so if anyone is looking for an opening act or would like to split a bill, let me know.  And, if anyone is interested in hosting a house concert, I'm certainly open to that too. 



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