Gone Gone Gone

Well, it's gone.  I did it.  I sold my guitar.  I tested the waters...put it out there in a safe way I knew wouldn't result in a sale.  Then, I put it out on craig's list.  I thought it'd be pretty safe out there as well...most people looking for high end acoustic guitars generally don't shop on craig's list.  Or at least I thought so.  Within an hour of posting my Lowden O-32C, I had an email from an interested buyer.  

The buyer was perfect.  A gentleman who was already a Lowden owner.  I felt good that it was going to a good home with someone who appreciated exactly what it was.  

It was surprisingly emotional for me.  I've never sold or gotten rid of something so personal.  As I was driving to meet the buyer, I thought about making Dragonfly, and how most of the songs were recorded using that guitar.  I thought about all the gigs I've played over the years with that guitar.  I distinctly remember recording It's Been Awhile in one take in the basement studio with Josh Baesler.  I remember a lot of smokey nights at the Red Bear in Moorhead when people could still smoke in bars.  

Maybe it's a little silly to feel so sentimental about it.  After all, it's a box of wood and strings.  But it was my number one guitar for a period of my musical career.  The fact that it is now gone signals the end of that period.

It also signals what I hope is the beginning of a new period.  I'm not sure if I'll buy another guitar.  I still have the Taylor which is what I've done most of my writing and playing at home with.  Though, I have been looking around a bit, and there are some tempting guitars out there.  

I have some tentative plans for recording in the works, and a few songs in progress that could possibly benefit from a new box of wood and string.  We'll see what comes. 

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