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I've been listening to John Gorka's music for a long time, and yet I'd never seen him in concert up until a little over a week ago. I noticed he had a show scheduled in Eau Claire the weekend before last, and I managed to sneak away for it. It was a remarkable show, and John really has an excellent all around performance. His between stage banter is great fun, and his songs are absolutely brilliant. He played two of my all time favorites "I Saw A Stanger With Your Hair" and "Love Is Our Cross To Bear" I also met esteemed luthier Gordy Bischoff who makes beautiful guitars. Check out www.bischoffguitars.com for some pictures of his work. It was great chatting about music with Gordy and his wife Alice who have been helping out with the great concert series at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Eau Claire for 15 years. I'm hoping to see some great shows this year. 2005 was good, and I'm hoping 2006 is even better. As a performer, I find attending other folks' shows is a great learning experience for me. I find myself stealing bits here and there from performers' stage shows just like I steal bits and pieces from their songs when I write and play. it's always fun trying these bits and pieces on in my own voice to see how they change.

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