Loving this weather

This time of year is my favorite. The windows are open and the fresh chill in the air is really invigorating. I love that feeling in the morning when I know it's cold in the room and I'm warm under the blanket. It's so hard to get out of bed. It's been so dry here in minnesota, the leaves are turning early and probably won't last long. That's the thing with fall...it's so fleeting. Even when we aren't experiencing a drought, it doesn't last long enough for me. Although, maybe there is extra appreciation to be found knowing it's short-lived. In my opinion, a sunny day in the middle of september is tough to beat. I was in Fargo last weekend catching up with friends. It's always good to get back up there. The agenda is always loose, and it's relaxing to be away from life in the city. I'm heading back to Fargo again today for another weekend to meet up with family. I'm looking forward to the drive. There is something about leaving the city. The drive out of town makes me feel good.

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