The summer is flying by! The weather has been beautiful, though I imagine the farmers are wishing for some rain. I've been fortunate to spend some time in North Dakota at Lake Metigoshe this summer. It was great seeing some old friends and meeting some new friends while attending my first Camp Metigoshe All Staff Reunion. I never worked at a camp when I was in college, but it always seemed like such a fun job. I did have my first experience riding the train a few weeks back. I rode from St. Paul to Rugby, ND. To be sure, it was not a great experience. First, it was late. I was supposed to board at 10:50pm, but I didn't actually get on till closer to 11:30pm. Second, it was incredibly full. All the stories I had heard led me to believe it'd be a quiet, empty train. Alas! I had to share a seat with a woman who decided that my earphones and sunglasses were an invitation to hear her life story. I also had the pleasure of a young girl with no "inside" voice. I don't usually sleep in transit, and riding the train through the middle of the night with no sleep made for a long day. I arrived in Rugby at around 9am. I did manage to listen to most of "The River Why" by David James Duncan on my iPod. It's one of my all-time favorite books, and I highly recommend it along with David James Duncan's other novel "The Brothers K" and short story collection "River Teeth" I was also able to spend some time at the lake in northern MN this summer. Good fishing and family time! Now, back to the office to book fall tour dates and prepare for a new recording project. The band is in OMS Studios tracking for a demo, and I'm hoping to track some solo tunes as well. I'm a bit behind the ball for scheduling fall dates. I'll be on the road all over the midwest this fall, and I'm hoping to play as much as possible. I'll have dates on the calendar as soon as they solidify. I hope your summer has been going splendidly. Keep in touch and thanks for being here. Eric

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