I just returned from an excellent get-away in northern Minnesota. I spent three days on a lake with family I don't spend enough time with. It was a great time. This time of year in Northern Minnesota is beautiful. Fall is in the air. It's chilly at night and warm during the day. It was good to get out of the city to relax for a bit. And, it's always good to get the road under my wheels. I enjoy so much the time I spend driving the highways around the country. I have a great topographical map of Minnesota that takes me down the gravel roads in the most rural areas of the state. It's fun to get a little lost when there are no deadlines waiting. The calendar is filling up for the fall. It is shaping up to be the busiest fall I've had in a few years. The tour is taking me to some new venues I haven't played before, as well as some old favorites. I'm hoping to add a few more dates in the next week or two, and then start looking out at 2007. I'm looking forward to the shows coming up. I haven't played out much this summer. I'm looking forward to focusing in on the songs more and worrying less about the big picture. I hope you can make it out to a show or two this fall. Stop and say hello! Be well, Eric

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