New Year

Hello all..hope 2007 finds you well. We've gotten a bit of weather the past few days, and it's a bit refreshing to have some january temperatures. It's nice to feel that cold get right in your face for a change. It's been unseasonably warm all winter. I've been listening to some great old music recently. Some live johnny cash and waylong jennings. Great old songs. I also picked up kris kristofferson's latest cd which is really great. It's very sparsley produced and the writing is excellent. I'm looking forward to my first performance of 2007 coming up next weekend in Little Falls, MN. I haven't played with the writers in the round for quite some time, and it will be fun to reconnect with them for an evening. I'm debating about the songs I'll play that night. I do have a few newer songs, but I'm not sure if I like them or not yet. I hope the year is a good one for you. Thanks for checking in, and hope to see you around. Cheers, Eric

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