Out of Touch...Still

Well so much for keeping up with the web news. Six months have passed with nary a word. The calender is empty. I have been off the grid apparently. Sometimes I think it'd be great to get rid of my cell phone and cancel all my email accounts and website and myspace. I wonder if it's possible to get along without these things anymore. I suppose one could get away without the cell phone, but so much work and business is done via the web now. Recently, in the office, the server crashed early in the afternoon. No email. No web. No way to access programs that share data between departments. We all just went home. We couldn't do anything. The cell phone would be easier to get along without, but I know as soon as I got rid of mine I'd get stuck on some deserted road with a broken car and a long walk ahead. I recently was qualified for a phone upgrade. I was tempted to get some new tiny shiny thing that took amazing photos and stored more songs and video than I have in my whole collection. I had to stop myself and think about what I use my phone for. I don't even answer it half the time. I have no need to listen to music or watch video on my phone. I'm already too connected to the web to really need or want email and the web on my phone. I just need it to call people. And, occasionally answer when someone else calls. What's happening musically? Not much. I performed in weddings the past three weekends. They were really great. Wedding gigs always make me nervous. There really isn't any warm-up. They are fun though because it's a big day for a lot of people involved in the wedding. And, it's fun to be on the edge of things watching all the joy. I did see Greg Brown at the Minnesota State Fair last week. I hadn't seen him in quite awhile. He played with a band and it sounded good. He is such a great songwriter. His song Blue Car really stuck out from this show. I have always liked that song, but every once in awhile, a song I've heard many times will really pop. It's a great experience to have with a song. It's fun to be suprised by something familiar. The fall is coming...I can feel it in the air. I love this time of year. It's been hot the past few days, but the heat is fleeting. I'm ready for the new season.

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