Where does the time go?

I noticed today that the last entry here is from 2011.  That's weak.  Coincidently, that's also the year my second daughter was born...so I suppose I can figure where my time has been spent.  Much has happened in the past few years in addition to starting a family.  Several new jobs and moves around the state and I find myself back in Moorhead, MN.  Today it's -18 F and the wind makes it feel like -37F.  I really missed living here these past 10 years.  There's something about this weather...it's right in your face and it impacts almost all the decisions we make on a daily basis.

Another plus to being back in town is the proximity to my old friend Bill Lempe.  Bill and I started Flatlands 18 years ago...I can't believe we've been playing together that long.  In the time I was away, we didn't play as often as I would have liked, but we still managed to eek out a few gigs together each year.  Now we're able to fill up the calendar a bit more which is great.  We just played up in Bottineau, ND for Camp Metigoshe's Nights of Christmas Celebration and it was a great night.  And, it brought us back together with our old friend and original Flatlands member Jon Halvorson.  The blizzard driving home the next morning wasn't as great, but it was a fun trip overall.  

And, tomorrow night, I get to meet up with another old friend.  I'll be opening Josh Harty's show at the Listening Room in Fargo.  Josh and I used to play a lot of shows together 10-12 years ago.  We traveled all around playing just about anywhere.  We covered a lot of miles in the van and I miss those days.  Josh has continued to put on a lot of miles in the meantime, and has really become one of America's best songwriters.  I look forward to seeing my old friend and hearing about his adventures across America and Europe playing his guitar.  

So, where does the time go?  Quickly to be sure.  I'm a bit of a sucker for nostalgia and senitmentality looking back on younger days.  But, I'm excited about the future as well.  I'm hopeful for new songs and new gigs.



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