I realized winter had arrived yesterday when I watched my car slide backwards out of my driveway. It didn't hit anything, thankfuly. I thought it was pretty funny actually. It's been a cold few days in Minnesota. Though, I have to say St. Paul is tropical compared to Fargo/Moorhead where the interstates have already been closed several times. I can't say I miss the wind up there. Musically things have been interesting. You may have noticed my schedule recently has become quite sparse. This is sort of intentional. I'm feeling really excited about some of the projects in line right now, but most of them don't involve performances right now. It seems strange to me to have so much music going on and yet no shows coming up. This is the first break in touring that I've taken in as long as I can remember. Not that I tour all that much to begin with, but I usually have several shows per month booked out. After my January 6th show in Bemidji with Lance Benson, I have nothing scheduled. I'll consider shows if a venue is interested, but I'm not devoting much energy to booking right now. I'm feeling really good about some writing that I'm doing right now. I'm hoping to buckle down and really flesh out some new songs in the coming months. I've also been having a lot of fun learning some new cover songs. As a songwriter, I've sort of put off learning covers for the past few years in order to develop a catalog of original material. However, looking back, I got to where I am as a guitar player and songwriter by learning to play other people's songs. So, I'm revisiting some old cover songs that I used to play and I'm learning some new ones as well. I'm really excited about these new songs and ideas I'm having. And, I'm sure, in short time, I'll be ready to be back out on the stage playing these new songs and some new covers too. Thanks for reading. eric

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